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Meet the Maker

Hello and welcome to my own little lab – or shall I say studio or maybe a word circus would describe this colorful mess the best? My name is Marina Andrin, and I am the author behind all Marinush jewelry pieces, and the rest of the design projects that I spend most of my time on. Would you like to hear how it all started? But let me get it straight – it’s not the starting point that gets you hooked on, it’s that passion that grows through time and the urge to make it better, the force that drives you back to the workspace. And forces you to stick to it until it really gets better. 

But to cut to the chase – it started with a friends’ birthday, some pieces of colored clay, and the idea that the best present is when you make something with your own hands. So I made a couple of earrings. Birthday present went well, a friend fell in love with it, boasted with it online and offline, and that got the ball rolling. All of a sudden I started creating even more and eventually begun selling these unique pieces and continued to put smiles on people’s faces – and I’ve been doing that for the last 12 years! It’s actually a long story but I’ll make it short this time.

Come to think of it, the main inspiration and drive behind countless hours spent on devising plans and ideas for new Marinush pieces and making them a reality is those very smiles sparked by the realization that the person just got a one-of-a-kind-accessory.

And the loveliest thing happens when my work gets in the hands of its new owner: to know that each of these uniques has met its loving caretaker, who is as unique as the piece itself! I enjoy imagining all those colorful lives they have, being widespread throughout the world – and the fact that I’ve made over a couple of thousands already, it makes my head spin in the most joyful dance 🙂

Once again, thank you for being here with me, on this Marinush adventure. That support got me to go this far, and after all these years I can only say – if we can dream BIG – together we can make dreams come true! So dear people, never stop dreaming and most importantly – remember those small steps counts, in the long run. We have so much yet to do! Thank you for being the greatest inspiration of them all. If you have any questions or ideas, new exciting projects and you want to add Marinush spice to it, write me a letter or just stop by and say Hi! – I’ll be more than happy to chat. Thanks for stopping by and see you around!