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Book Worm

This book cover adventure started when an editor of a publishing house Dibidus saw my bear paper mask on a spring-themed art exhibition I took part in (check out the Bears exhibition, it happens annually). It got her thinking that I would be the perfect person to illustrate their issue of The Bear and The Nightingale by Katherine Arden and offered me the job. 

Even though I gladly accepted, I wasn’t convinced at first, I must admit, but as soon as the first few drafts got the thumbs up from the inner critic, I went on a roll and got my first book illustration gig done and dusted. Take a look and let me know what you think. 🙂

After that book, I got another offer – to work on the first issue of Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White ever to be released in Serbia. It’s expected to hit the shelves in a few weeks. 

The thing is, you never know where a passion could lead you to next! Will that be paper masks for art exhibition, pattern designs for espadrilles or book covers of old & new fairy tales! And that’s the most exciting and wonderful thing. Being able to see your work in bookstores and on the bookshelves of book worms left and right (don’t take this politically, please) is a whole new level of feeling proud! Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when new book is out! 

Actually, I cannot resist to show you a sneak peek into a new book cover… Trying hard not to reveal too much! Some things are better kept in secret for a while 🙂 But it will be special hard cover edition with little bit of gold stardust… Enough said! We’re expecting magic to appear from the printing office any time now!  

Oh, and of course – if you have any questions or ideas, new exciting projects and you want to add Marinush spice to it, write me a letter or just stop by and say Hi! – I’ll be more than happy to chat. Thanks for stopping by and see you around!