Eternal Summer

This time I’ll let photos take you through a journey of making a new collection. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, and each of its tiniest details is equally important so it builds a unique story, a story only you can unravel. I like to think that each piece is made for its perfect match in the shape of a unique human. Only you can see and understand the story that is hidden in each necklace or earring, ring, or brooch. 

The quarantine period made me think of the purpose I am trying to find through my work. I guess its somewhere in those unique stories, my way of communicating with you who still believe (or tend to believe) in tiny bits of magic hidden in every day. It’s my way of expressing my feelings through my fingers, and gratitude that I am able to create something special for each of you. 

I was mainly focusing on floral earrings this time, thinking about how I could design more organic shapes. Always searching for something new, discovering new challenges in building more complicated shapes. I hope you will find your special piece. I cannot wait to hear your impressions! See you this Friday, the 12th of June at 18:00 (6PM CET).

Thanks for being here on this journey with me. And not to forget, special thanks to my floral sponsor, mama Erika! All flowers in the photos are from my home village, Čurug. I wish you the most joyful and colorful summer in bloom!

This Friday! 12th of June at 6PM *CET

Bye for now from my busy little studio and see ya real SOON! 🙂

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