Marinush Safari

*Birth of The Marinush Creatures*

Always searching for new ways and techniques of making my jewelry, I now do highly detailed stuff with lots and lots of textures, keeping an eye on the tiniest features. That’s how I started working on my collection MARINUSH CREATURES, which probably represents the work that best describes me and it is something that sticks with people.

Funny-looking animals and imaginary creatures do make me enjoy the process the most. I love seeing those faces rise up from one small piece of clay. It is like I am giving them a life of their own! But actually, the loveliest thing happens afterwards: when each and every creature gets to find its loving caretaker and gets to reconnect with other Marinush Creatures on the Instagram playground.

Rest assured, there are no runts of the litter with these clay fables.♥

Every person finds himself in some wild animal spirit: is it a bear, raccoon, or a whale, a sloth, or even a bat! 🙂

Oh, and of course – if you have any questions or ideas, new exciting projects and you want to add Marinush spice to it, write me a letter or just stop by and say Hi! – I’ll be more than happy to chat. Thanks for stopping by and see you around!

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