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Marinushii Shoes

You know that old saying that curiosity killed the cat? Well, this cat only got stronger from being curious. Curiosity got me in touch with fantastic artists and crafters such as Shii Svetlana. You know a girl boss when you see one. She’s woman in the know when it comes to making espadrilles. Well, I was a fan for a long time, and I was craving a shoe piece myself, and it got me thinking – Hey, what if we could combine our skills and make something together? Needless to say, Svetlana was – and still is – very excited about the idea, and we just started collaborating on the subject. New Marinush illustration patterns are emerging, and I cannot wait to show you what we’re preparing for seasons to come! It’s important to always push your boundaries and throw yourself into the unknown (or out of your comfort zone). You never know what’s behind the next corner, maybe a colorful shoe? 🙂

For all of you interested in the subject, you can follow our work under the name of MarinuShii (Marinush+Shii, but I know you get it, it’s that obvious) here on Instagram. Also, please do check out pure gorgeousness at Shii Instagram as well, ’cause this girl is on fire and she produces eye- & foot-candies on a daily basis!

And of course – if you have any questions or ideas, new exciting projects and you want to add Marinush spice to it, write me a letter or just stop by and say Hi! – I’ll be more than happy to chat. Thanks for stopping by and see you around!