Feather-Leaf necklace

4,500.00 RSD

polymer clay, stainless steel chain

Pendant height: 3cm; Pendant width: ~9cm; Necklace length: 45 cm; Weight: 21g

Urban Jungle necklace – Feather/Leaf necklace inspired by nature – Colorful handmade jewelry for dreamers and wild spirits.


Feather / Leaf necklace is 100% handmade piece and it cannot be repeated. They are all uniques after all 🙂
The necklace is inspired by the blossom of nature, and by its strength to always grow and move forward. Inspired by nature, with its vivid colors and highly detailed, carefully crafted texture, every piece tells a unique story, an Ode to the kingdom of Flora & Fauna.

A powerful colorful palette and fluid shape represent a growing, flourishing wild spirit of nature.
For dreamers and nature-lovers, romantics, and wild spirits. For urban jungle lovers!

*** Adjustable chain length! ***
*** Each package comes with extra postcards and stickers! ***

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