Hello World!

After 12 years since the birth of Marinushland, 3 years of experience in the IT industry and 3 years of having just one landing page to show for, yet after more than a thousand Marinush pieces scattered worldwide and after around 15 collections, it has finally arrived!

The brand new Marinush website is upon you! We made it so that you can have a new and hopefully, a better way of exploring Marinushland so we’re eagerly waiting for your feedback in any way, shape, or form. Be it positive or negative, it’s all welcome. The website is just as the Marinush story in general, a perpetual work in progress. And we’re only able to learn and grow more thanks to your support and feedback! We’ll try and add as much content as possible so that you can really take your time enjoying the seemingly endless virtual corridors with images and stories about my previous, current, and work in the making.

You’ll be able to read about my collaborations with other artists and my ventures into other formats. And what would a good reading be without some good pictures to follow up? Rest assured, photo proof of “all that jazz” will be presented as well. For those of you who haven’t checked up on me recently and for those of you who’ve just landed on our (clears throat for a more piloty voice) lovely internet airport, Marinush necklaces have expanded their material range and now are available as the 999 silver bundles of joy available for order 24/7. Parallel to the website reveal, we’ve decided to treat you with a new summer collection, rich in colors and new features, and (drumroll) your good old pals, the woodland critters!

This series is special because of the guest stars that contributed to the story with their suggestions and presence – in addition to Irma Puškarević, the go-to lady when it comes to building atmosphere in the photos, or in the more holloywoodish lingo – one hell of a set decorator and her younger sister Ena, who wore the new Marinushes proudly and with utter class, we have a new arrival in Tijana Hen, a girl famous throughout Novi Sad for her cheerful  and meticulously stylized photography. Girls, thanks for giving the collection a breath of fresh air!

Thou shall not forget the gang that helped build the website – Dare the Genius, thanks a million for taking the time and skills to code this online home to perfection, and Nebojša for all the words, phrases, and proofreads, without which all this wouldn’t read as easily as it does.


And now, the ones that helped keep Marinushland together – Stevan, thanks for powering through all those behind-the-scenes antics and for being there to ensure I survive each collection. Of course, thanks to Bova, for being a sleeples(ish) quality control supervisor and the best security guard of the Marinush laboratory.


And there you have it, a whole new way to enjoy the Marinush experience. To keep you lot returning, we‘ll freshen up the pages with new handmade goodies, exclusive behind the scenes and making-of videos, stories, news, and sales, and who knows what else.

Anyway, as soon as we have enough important stuff to share with you, we‘ll send you a newsletter with all the necessary details. We promise not to pester you with emails and we promise that each email will be packed with useful Marinush information. So, fear not and subscribe! Should you find the relevance or benefits of/from our newsletters waning, you can always unsubscribe from our mailing list.


Until the next episode, season, or a reason to stop by, keep on being jolly, vibrant and never let that little childish voice singing. In fact, keep on singing along! 🙂

P.S. Don‘t forget that it‘s still me who abides here, so please reach out whenever with whatever‘s on your mind.

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